Who We are

Magic ToothBus is a non-profit mobile dentistry that presents oral health care curriculum, performs preventative services, and helps families sign up for dental care in low income and marginalized communities within the San Francisco Bay Area Region. Our mission is to provide needed oral health services on site.


The mission of Magic ToothBus, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded in 2017, is to provide equitable dental care, education and family enrollment assistance to marginalized communities.


We envision a world free of dental disease where all children and their families have equitable access to oral health programs and services.

Our History

Magic ToothBus is composed of dental advocates who are passionate about helping children in low income communities obtain access and resources to dental care. While working together for a community clinic, we saw an increase in demand for affordable oral health care and dental facilities that serve low income families. This empowered us to start a non-profit organization that provides dental services that low income families are in need of. We founded Magic ToothBus to help address these issues and bring preventative care directly into the schools with high rates of children from disadvantaged socio-economic statues who can receive dental care.

Our Team

Seraphine Xieu

Operations Manager

Seraphine volunteered and worked for multiple nonprofit organizations. For over three years she worked at a community health clinic as a receptionist. She is skilled in assisting low income families apply for dental insurances such as Medi-Cal, and suppor

Andrea Almario

Registered Dental Hygienist

Aside from her passion in theater, Andrea brings the same energy in working with public health. For the past 6 years she worked at a community clinic as a Dental Hygienist serving the low income and homeless population of San Francisco. Her focus is worki

Mylene Deano

Registered Dental Assistant

Mylene arrived in America in 2007 and began working in the dental field. She has 5 years experience in private dental practice and 3 years in working for a community health clinic in San Francisco. Her passion is to help underprivileged people and to prom