Oral Health Education

To promote dental awareness and educate the audience about dental materials, procedures and dental office settings to alleviate fear and misleading information about oral care.

Preventative Dental Services to Children ( School Sites and CBO’s)

To provide dental services to school sites to fill the disparity gap of dental access for low-income populations.

Train the Trainer

To increase the number of oral health educators to reach more population about oral health awareness.

School-Based Sealant Program

To increase or expand the service to school sites with students who have high risk of tooth decay.

Dental Services for Pregnant Women

To provide dental access to low-income pregnant women to improve their oral health from neonatal to post partum.

Dental Services for Seniors

To provide dental access for geriatric populations that are having a hard time with mobility.

Insurance Enrollment

To help families sign up for insurance.